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Hardy Fly Reels

Hardy.  The definitive name in Fly Fishing.  William Hardy actually began business in 1872 as a gunsmith.  In 1873 he was joined by his brother John and Hardy Brothers was formed.  Despite success as gunsmiths they business shortly expanded into fly fishing gear and equipment.  And from that base evolved the business which would invent the six section bamboo rod, as well as the Perfect fly reel.  Thereafter followed many inventions which revolutionized the evolving equipment in fly fishing.  The recent re-emergence of Hardy in the USA via Hardy North America has revitalized the interest in this most famous brand of fly fishing equipment and rendered its products once again accessible to a new generation of North American fly fishermen.

We love Hardy fly fishing equipment and seek to introduce it once again to fly fishermen who have never previously had the opportunity to enjoy it and see the level to which design and function can move with the right degree of talent.  

In these pages we offer the range of Hardy reels.  From the Uniqua Reel through to the Hardy Perfect Reel there is a full range of fly reels which would find a place in any fly fisherman's fly fishing equipment.  The Hardy reels are in a class of their own and deserve consideration at any level of investment.

Together with their Grey's range of fly fishing equipment, Hardy is certain to have a great impact again on the North American fly fishing industry.